Why did the USA use atomic weapons on Japan?

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  • Why did the USA use atomic weapons on the Japanese?
    • Hatred/resentment of the Japanese
      • Pearl Harbour
      • Kamikaze attacks
      • Media propaganda
      • "yellow pweril"
      • Reputation as cruel & inhumane
    • Desire to see what the bomb could do
      • Research and development efforts
      • Cost alot of money
      • Wanted to intimidate
    • Nature of the fight
      • Dominance of the Pacific
      • Many soliders had died - revenge
      • Prevented the need to invade
    • To become a superpower
      • Dominance
      • Power
    • Truman was inexperienced
      • Only been vice since 1944
      • Virtually no foreign policy
      • Little contact with Roosevelt
    • Bargaining chip with Stalin
      • Didn't tell him about it
      • Prevented Stalin getting involved


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