Detailed Korean War Overview

A overview of the Korean War, included key words unerlined, consequences of the war, reasons for the war, who it involved, and why it ended.

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Korean War
Why? America feared "the domino theory" that is, that other countries in the
East would become Communist. This theory became popular in the US, putting
Truman under heavy scrutiny as Senator McCarthy began to provoke paranoia
on Communism leading to "Communist Witch-hunts". As well as this, there was
a desire to "pump prime" America's economy ­ the Military Industrial
Complex. This later led to NSC 68 (adequately arming America with around
25% of their GDP) this would in turn increase the economy as well as
employment and wages.
A defensive perimeter was built by Stalin to act as a buffer against America,
this scared America who thought Stalin intended on spreading Communism
across Asia. There was a fear of overt Soviet expansionism ­ America thought
Stalin were better equipped than America, which wasn't the actual case.
When? When North Korea invaded South Korea in June 1950, the Americans
were scared of the "domino theory" or "rotten apply theory" and so went to
the United Nations in order to legitimise their invasion of Korea and set in
place containment. America received the UNSC Resolution 68 and were able
to help South Korea, where Pusan was already completely taken control of by
the North Koreans, they were only able to receive this as the Soviet Union
abstained in protest of Mao not being able to sit at the UN. Receiving this
meant Truman was provided with an opportunity to use the newly formed
United Nations as a "legitimiser" of US actions.
The Americans had a few successes, especially their landings in Incheon which
surprised the North Koreans and they were able to push them back to the 38th
parallel. However, after reaching the Yalu river, the Chinese joined the War.
This led to a few defeats to the Americans (pushing them back past the 38th
parallel), but after awhile both sides were used to eachothers tactics and
eventually had to negotiate (when Eisenhower became President) to prevent
the use of Atomic weaponry.
Who? The Korean War was very much a war between the Soviet Union and
America, the most dominant super powers at the time, however it took place
in Korea, rather than in their own countries, to avoid complete destruction as
both had "novel weapons" or in known today as Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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They both used Korea as a battleground, establishing the concept of a "limited
war". The USA seen this as a chance to unite Korea and eradicate communism.
China seen this as a direct threat to their security as Korea could be used as a
base from which to bomb China. With China joining the War, this meant
Atomic Bombs were certainly considered by Truman's government but were
rejected and after MacArthur's disagreement with Truman's policy, he was
fired.…read more


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