Why did the USA enter the war in 1917?

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  • Why did the USA enter the war in 1917?
    • People
      • William Jennings Bryan resigned as Secretary of State
      • Many individuals urged Government to ensure a world role
      • Businessmen & bankers were making a fortune from increased trade with the allies
      • Wilson wanted to be involved in the peace talks
    • Events
      • Emotive reports roused anti-German attitudes
      • Sinking of the Lusitania caused a storm of protest against Germany
      • 1917 - Germany continued the campaign of unrestricted submarine warfare
      • Germany gave UDA strict instructions of what ships were going to be sunk, America saw this a violation of the "free seas"
      • Abdication of Nicholas II in Russia meant that joining the allies would be a "fight for democracy"
        • Manifest Destiny?
      • Decode of the Zimmerman Telegraph promised German support for Mexico against the USA
    • Historical Forces
      • USA bound to become a major player after Japan had joined the war
      • Trade with Britain& France inreased by x4 -contrast to Germany which was only 10% more
      • Britain was bankrupt
      • Financial support meant taking sides - $2.3 billion to UK, $27 million to Germany


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