Why did Eisenhower intervene at Little Rock

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  • Why did Eisenhower intervene at Little rock?
    • To stop bad Publicity.
      • It was making America look bad internationally
      • World opinion on the U.S
    • He felt disrespected as Fabus didn't listen to his wishes
      • Challenged federal laws
    • He met Fabus, he thought that he understood him.
      • Surprised when he went against him by removing the national guard.
    • Fabus predicted 'blood will run in the streets'
      • Fabus was very shady.
    • He needed to keep peace.
    • Persistance of the black children and the NAACP supporting them
    • Safety of the blacks
      • Sent in federal troops to help students into little rock
      • Kids were signed individual soldiers to escort them to class.
    • White Reactions
      • Mass violence and angry mobs.
    • Wanted the fully desegregte schools
      • Saw separate education as unequal


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