Little Rock and Segregation in Education

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Following the Brown vs Board of Education ruling most of the Southern authorities had decided to not desegregate the schools. The NAACP decided to act in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

10 black students were allowed to enrol at the prestigious Central High School in Little Rock in September 1957. During the summer of that year the NAACP helped the students prepare for the violence and intimidation they were going to have to face.

2nd September, the governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus stationed the Nation Guard outside the school to prevent the black students from entering, claiming it was to prevent disorder in the city. 

These actions caused a crisis and Eisenhower was forced to intervene in order to enforce the law. He ordered the National Guard to withdraw, however this only resulted in a large crowd of whites gathering to prevent the black students entering. Eisenhower ordered soldiers to return to the school, but this time to…


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