why did charles 1 lose the civil war?

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  • Why did Charles 1 lose the civil war (1642-46)
    • Parliament
      • Financially stable
      • Army develops (1645 - new model)
        • Parliamentary strongholds
    • Financial problems
      • Parliament held london (financial stronghold of country)
      • Charles' Army had not been paid at the start of the civil war - effecting their morale
      • The New Model Army had been paid
    • Battle Failures
      • 1644 Battle of Marston Moor
      • 1645 NASEBY
      • Rupert as commander was overrated
      • Cromwell capitalised on Rupert's mistakes
      • 1642 Battle of Edgehill (historians believe charles lost an oppurtunity for being to hesitant afterwards).
    • Parliament's relationship with the Scots
      • Solemn League and Covenant (1643) thanks to Pym
      • Scots Captured Charles in 1646


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