Why did the USA and other nations get involved in the Korean War?

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  • Why did the USA (and other nations) get involved in the Korean War?
    • The Truman Doctrine
      • 1945, America was worried about Soviet expansionism
      • The doctrine commited the USA to containing Commmunism to areas where it currently existed
      • Any attempt to spread Communism outside of these areas was to be opposed by force if necessary
    • The Domino Theory
      • Many people beliveved that if South Korea fell to Communism, especially so soon after the loss of China, the USA's vital strategic interest in the Far East would soon follow
      • Japan and Taiwan were American's strategic interests in the Far East
    • Public Opinion
      • Many Republicans attacked President Truman for 'losing' China
        • allowed it to fall under the control of the Communists
      • Truman could not afford to look weak by doing nothing about the N. Korean invasion
    • The attack on S. Korea was believed to be a test of the West's commitment to fight Communist Expansion
      • If the West failed the test by doing nothing to oppose the invasionof S. Korea, it would look weak
      • This could cause the USSR to believe that they could get away with aggression elsewhere aswell
    • North Korea was believed to be a puppet state controlled by the USSR
      • the USA regarded world communism as a single force directed from Moscow
      • the invasion of South Korea by North Korea was seen to be part of a Soviet plan
        • And so was part of a worldwide struggle between Communism and Capitalism
          • The USA was committed to winning this struggle
  • Other Countries got involved
    • Second resolution was passed after it became clear that N. Korea had no intention of withdrawing its troops from S. Korea
      • UNO believed that it was necessary to repel the attack on S. Korea
    • The first resolution passed on the 25th June was not veotoed
      • Soviet rep was absent in protest against refusal of the USA to allow communist China into the UNO
    • Third resolution called all members of the UNO to provide military services/ assistance


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