Why Did the English Civil War Break Out?

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  • Role Of Personal Rule
    • What caused the outbreak of the civil war?
      • Role of Pym and his supporters
        • Ex: organises opposition which maintains pressure on Charles. Resulted in pushing Charles into feeling he had no option but to fight
        • Ev:Treatment of Strafford ~ use of impeachment, trial and execution and used the Act of Attainder to force Charles to sign
          • Sig: Pym was a determined and talented politician where he manipulated many situations
        • Ev: Took away many of Charles prerogative rights ~ Grand Remonstrance (eg. MPs choose Kings Minister)& Triennial act (Parliament called every 3 years) & Militia Ordinance ~ Parliament tried to take control of local militias, Nineteen propositions (control of Kings army, advisors, education and marriage of his children)
      • Role of Charles
        • Ex: He failed to repair the trust between him and Parliament. Also, some of his actions led to distrust between him and Parliament
        • Ev: Made a breach of the Common's privilege with the attempted arrest of the 5 MPs.  Moderate MPs began to support Pym
        • Ev: Commissions of Array (1642) ~ Charles' response to Milita Ordinance with attempt to raise his own army
      • Role of Religion
        • Ex: Created more of a divide between Charles and Parliament which increased tensions
        • Ev:  Root and Branch Petition ~ reform of the church & abolition of Bishops (Presbyterian church)
        • Ev: Irish Rebellion strenghtened a belief in Catholic conspiracy, Charles was implicatedCatholic rebels which increased distrust in him
    • Ex: Created antagonistic environment between Charles and Parliament. Also, was the route of some major issues due  to situations were handled
    • Ev: Laudian reforms ~ increasing importance of the altar
    • Ev: Opposition to financial policies of Personal Rule ~ ship money and increase of non- payment (Hampden Case 7:5)


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