Who made up America in the 1920's - The Melting Pot

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  • Who made up 1920's America - The Melting Pot
    • Old immigrants
      • The first European settlers came largely from Northern and Western Europe- particularly from Britain, Germany and Scandinavia.
      • Their descendants tended to have the best jobs, have the most money and wield the most political power
      • Can also be known as WASPS.
    • Black Americans
      • In the 18th and 19th Century, millions of Africans were brought to America as slaves to work in the cotton plantations.
      • When slavery ended in 1865, 11 million black people still lived in America.
        • Many worked as factory workers, farmers or farm laborers.
    • Asians
      • Throughout the USA, but particularly on the West coast, there was a growing number of Chinese and Japanese.
      • They helped create the cities on the West coast and many worked on the construction railroads.
    • Hispanics
      • The USA was also attractive to the people of Mexico and South America.
      • Known as Hispanics, these people spoke Spanish and many became cowboys.
    • Southern and Eastern Europeans
      • In the late 19th Century, most new immigrants came from Eastern and Southern Europe, mostly Russia, Poland and Italy,
      • They were escaping prosecution and poverty in Europe.
    • Native American Idians
      • Indians had originally lived across the whole of the Northern American continent.
      • However, they were greatly affected by successive waves of immigration and between 1850 and the 1890's, were gradually forced off their land.
      • By 1917, many Indians lived in a number of reservations across America.
        • Some tried to continue to live their traditional lives as best they could whilst others were assimilated into white society.


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