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The American melting pot made joining the First World War difficult as although they were
Americans a lot had roots from Britain, France, Germany, and Russia. It would be too difficult to
choose a side to fight on and the usa did not want friction between its people. Also when the First
World War began in 1914 America stayed neutral as the war was seen as a distant event and nothing
to do with the interests of the usa.…read more

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Harding had first been elected president he said "we seek no part in
directing the destinies of the world" which symbolised the movement of isolation.
America never joined the League of Nations something that would have dire consequences for world
peace. America did not come out of isolationism until pearl harbour was attacked by the Japanese in
the Second World War.…read more

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assembly line made the production of cars much quicker with the average time taken to make a car
decreasing from 14 hours to 93 minutes.
During the 1920s over 1 million model t fords were produced each year. The price of the model t
decreased but the workers' wages increased. By 1925 the price of a car was less than 3 months
wages for an averagely paid worker.
The car production revolution had a massive affect on the American economy and on people's lives.…read more

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The cycle of prosperity
Many Americans were very confident in the 1920s as their businesses and industries were booming
and they had just won the war against the Germans. This made the Americans so confident they
bought lots of shares in companies with the belief that they could go back a few weeks or months
later and sell the shares for a profit and therefore make lots of money.…read more


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