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History Notes: The Roaring 20's

1) Impact of First World War on America:
- Americans felt neutral towards the war, as they hd no interest in Europ, believing
there was no need to get involved. Also, there were mixed nationalities in the USA
e.g. German Americans (wanting a victory for…

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- 1922: Fordney McCumber Tariff put high taves on all foreign-made goods in the
USA, to protect American industry by making US goods cheaper. Included farm
products and helped farmers. Rate raised 32 times by republican presidents.
European countries retaliated by putting tariffs on American goods. Ended
Wilson's policy of…

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- all year sunshine meant more films produced
- stars arose e.g. comedian Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks in adventure
- Until 1927 all movies were silent
- Became a multibillion dollar success, 110m per week was going by 1929

popular amongst youngpeople
came from black people whomoved…

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Catholics that soke either English or German. There was the belief that the recent
immigrants were inferior and less educated
- Policies made to regulate and control immigration:
1917- law to impose literacy tests on immigrants- favoured by Northern and
Western Europeans, who were mostly white and protestant., hwoever ther…

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Governor of Kansas John St John made Kansas the first state to outlaw
Mre money spent on liquor than education
Business leaders thought banning alcohol would make their workers more
productive-stop them taking days off work
Would prevent accidents and illnesses in the workplace, increasing profits
Would led…


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