What was it like to live in Nazi Germany between 1933-1939?

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  • What was it like to live in Nazi Germany 1933-1939?
    • Small Businesses: Nazis stopped new department stores being built and expanded. Craftsmen could also control their trade
      • Competing Jewish businesses were closed down
    • Farmers: Some farm debts were written off completely and they all benefited from an increase of food prices
      • There was also a shortage of farm labour because there were better-paid jobs in town
      • Not all farmers liked the government as the Nazis produced "goals" for each animal e.g. each hen had to lay 65 eggs per year
    • Unskilled Workers: The unemployed were immediately put into work programs (they had no choice), if they refused there would be no unemployment benefit for 3 months
      • The wages were often lower then the unemployment benefit
        • The government provided cheap housing
    • Big Businesses: Large businesses benefited from no trade unions. The value of the German trade went up.
      • The government took control of: prices, wages, profits and imports.
      • The government also decided who would receive raw materials. They also made industry produce what they wanted.


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