What were the causes of the uprising in Hungary in 1956?

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  • What were the causes of the uprising in Hungary in 1956?
    • Assumptions
      • Hungarians thought that the UN or the new American President, Eisenhower, would help them
        • Seeing as he made supportive comments in speeches
      • Stalin had died in 1953
        • after his death, Russia tried to move away from some of his policies
          • especially the more brutal aspects
        • Nikita Khrushchev(the new leader) the arrest of 400 political opponents in Hungary
      • It was successful in Poland
        • in June 1956 workers in Poland had risen against Soviet Rule and demanded change
          • After a tense few weeks, Russia had given in to some of their demands
        • Gave the Hungarians hope that the same could happen for them
    • Politics
      • The Smallholders Party won 57% of the vote
        • a group working for the rights of ordinary Hungarians
      • Russians refused to allow the party to form a government
        • Allowed the Hungarian Communist Party to form a government with only 17% of the vote
          • They were a party to run Hungary despite the people's wishes
    • Repression
      • Russian Control of Hungarian society included
        • censorship
        • a secret police - AVH
        • Control over what was taught in schools
      • Est. 2,000 people were executed and over 100 000 were imprisoned in the strict control over Hungary
    • Religion
      • Hungarians were religious
      • Was banned under the Communist party
        • dismissed as "dangerous propaganda"
      • Cardinal J. Mindszenty (leading Hungarian Catholic) was arrested, tortured and put in prison
    • Economics
      • Hungary was very poor and needed rebuilding after years of bombing
      • Most of the food and industrial goods produced were sent to Russia
      • Standards of living dropped for ordinary people


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