The Formation of the Eastern Bloc

Formation of the Eastern Bloc

  • Albania (1945)- communists took power after the war with no opposition
  • Bulgaria (1945)- communists excecuted leaders of all other parties
  • Poland (1947)
  • Hungary (1945)- Russian troops remained after WWII. Stalin allowed elections but the non-communists won a big majority so Stalin ignored results and put the Hungarian Communists as rulers
  • Romania (1945-47)- Communists gradually took over
  • Czechoslovakis (1948)
  • Eastern Germany (1949)- This zone was turned into the German Democratic Republic


  • August '44- Red Army approaches Warsaw. The Polish organise an uprising, backed by the government in exile in London.
  • September '44- Stalin orders Red Army to halt- the fail of the uprising makes Polish government unpopular
  • March…


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