History of the French revolution

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  • Origins
    • History of the French revolution
      • Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars
        • Invasion of low countries by French forces
          • Led to Britain joining a coalition against France in 1793
        • 1799 after a period of political instability and economic problems
          • Power was taken by Napoleon Bonaparte
            • Expansionist policies for the New republic
        • Wars continued as Napoleonic wars
          • Defeat of Napoleon in 1815
      • Radicalism and war
        • Revolution became much more radical
          • Establishment of constitutional monarchy
        • Trial and execution of Louis XVI in January 1793
        • War radicalised the revolution
          • More radical groups taking power
            • Thousands were executed
      • Events of 1789
        • Paris crowd stormed bastille prison
          • King forced to accept a new constitution
            • He would share power
        • Open discussion of radical ideas
        • Discussions about restricting the power of the monarchy
        • Mob activity increased
          • Forced royal family to move from their home in Versailles to Paris
    • France failed to reform finance and administration
      • By 1788 there was massive financial defecit
    • King did not have a regular parliament
      • Persuaded to call national assembly
        • Provoked a huge interest in political ideas


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