ICT Systems and Uses

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  • ICT systems and there Uses
    • Back Office
      • not accessible to public deals with admin record sales deals with processing internal info
    • E -commerce
      • buying and selling products or services using the internet for online trading
    • Back Office Intergration
      • setting up an online trading site linking back to the back office using specialist software Amazon Ebay
    • Electronic Document Management Systems EDMS
      • track and store electronic documents and images  of paper documents used by HR  education and medical record management
    • Transaction Processing System TPS
      • monitors transactions by collecting data enter into system instant transactions
    • Management Info System MIS
      • used by managers to make business decisions using data form internal and external sources to advise and show reports
    • Enterprise System ES
      • used by enterprises which use independant applications to integrate into one application bills quality control
    • Customer Relationship Management CMR
      • stores info about customers which is linked in other departments to find information customer services HR
    • Data Support System
      • supports business decisions has interactive system intended to help make decisions easier and has 'What if'  scenarios monthly sales grade prediction


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