Info3- Managment and Strategies

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Managment and Strategies

ICT management styles

  • larger organisations tend to have more formal structure than small onces
  • Chinese whispers= more people in the communication chain messes up the message more throughout.
  • safer methods of communicating are email and written
  • informal is used in all organisation
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Managment and Strategies

ICT strategies and policies

strategy= a long term plan for achieving a goal

policy= a statment whcih ddefines the organisations position on a particular issue and may determine decisions, action and other matters.

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Managment and strategies

The contribution of ICT management to business strategy

CIO (chief information officer)- influence organizational strategies, suggesting areas where ICT can help the organisation to meet its aims or managing the unrealistic expectation of others with regard to what is possible.

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Managment and Strategies

Factors influencing ICT strategy

  • Business goals
  • finance
  • legacy systems
  • geography
  • legislation's
  • assets over time
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Managment and Strategies

Corporate ICT strategies

  • keeping pace with development
  • information management
  • people
  • standards
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