what crime and deviance depends on

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  • what crime/ deviance depends on
    • Place
      • where is nudity seen as appropriate in society?
        • Magazines (Page 3)
        • Nude beach
        • Nude bike ride for charity
        • what about breastfeeding in public? Why is that looked down upon?
      • a lot of things are seen as appropriate in festivals that would not be accepted by society in public
        • glitter beards
        • public urination
    • Time
      • having alcohol first thing in the morning could be deviant
      • having alcohol in the evening in acceptable
    • Culture
      • some acts are encouraged in some cultures which may be looked down upon by society if it was done outside the culture
        • drugs (smoking weed) is encouraged in Rastafarian culture
        • PDA (public display of affection) may be looked down upon by a certain religion but its acceptable in western society
    • Situation
      • who's allowed to carry weapons?
        • police officers
        • soldiers
      • when is it appropriate to use force?
        • kids misbehaving?
        • breaking up a fight
        • defend yourself


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