Were the Acts of Union beneficial to the people of Wales?

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  • Were the Acts of Union beneficial to the people of Wales?
    • The Acts of Union abolished a medieval system of marcher lords and unreformed local laws.
    • The Acts of Union established a regional administration that helped to curb the lawlessness of Wales.
      • The Council of Wales and Marches was established.
      • The Court of Great Sessions was introduced.
      • A sheriff was to be appointed in every country.
      • This benefitted the people of Wales in terms of law and structure.
    • The Acts particularly benefited the Welsh gentry in terms of their future progression, as they were given equality under the law with English citizens.
    • The Act of 1536 made English the language of the law courts and prohibited any Welsh speakers from being appointed to any public office.
    • Most of the Welsh population were monoglot.
      • Consequently, the language clause meant that the anglicised ruling class were in control.
    • The majority of the population found themselves in a country where the legal and economic system was foreign to them.


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