Weimar Germany

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  • Weimar Germany
    • Weimar Culture
      • Architecture
        • Modernised Buildings
        • More jobs
      • Visual Art
        • Otto Dix
          • War Paintings
        • Gave People Something To Do
      • Film
        • Modern Si - Fi Films
          • People enjoyed them
            • More things to do
          • Marlene Dietrich
        • Fritz Lang
    • Treaty Of Versailles
      • Unfair On Germany
        • Germany Forced To Sign Treaty
          • Or they would be invaded
            • French did invade Germany as they did not pay reperations
          • Forced to pay reperations
            • Lack of money = Hyperinflation
        • Germany blamed for the war
        • Came out worst. Lost 10% of land.
      • Stabbed In The Back Myth
        • People thought Weimar republic stabbed German Soldiers In the back
          • Decreased Popularity
      • LAMB
    • Violence and Opposition From Left And Right Wing
      • Left Wing Violence and Opposition
        • Red rising
          • In the Ruhr
        • Spartacist Uprising 4th - 19th January 1919
          • Attempted to control Bavaria
          • Attempted to control Berlin
          • Not successful however did have control for many days
      • Right Wing Violence and Opposition
        • Kapp Putsch 13th Of March 1920
          • Led by Wolfgang Kapp
            • Why? - They hated the treaty of Versailles. Over through Weimar and change.
          • Not successful
        • Beer Hall Putsch November 8th and 9th of 1923
          • Led by Adolf Hitler and General Luderndorff
            • Beginning of the Nazi Party
          • Was not successful - Hitler and General Luderndorff jailed for treason
    • Solutions To Problems
      • Stresemann Solved
        • Hyperinflation
          • Pentions were worthless
          • Shattered Economy
          • Riots on streets
          • Solved by introducing new currency - Rentenmark (Worth 1000 billion German Marks - Old currency)
        • French Invasion Of The Ruhr
          • Invaded as they did not pay reperations
            • Stayed until payed
          • Solved by promising to pay rest of reparations and stopped passive resistance (Passive resistance was inflicted by Weimar Republic)
        • Dawes Plan
          • Attempt to solve reparations problem
            • USA Lends money to Germany
              • Germany Uses this money to pay France
                • France uses money to pay USA war loans. Money triangle


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