Weimar and Nazi Germany 1919-1945

Memory cards on key words/events


Versailles Treaty

Identify the elements of the treaty

Explain the significance of the treaty for Weimar Germany

Evaluate the impact of the treaty on Weimar Germany

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The three phases of Weimar Germany

Identify the years of each phase

Identify the titles for each phase

Evaluate the success of each phase

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Weimar Constitution

Identify the four elements of the Weimar Constitution

Evaluate the significance of each element

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Weimar Problems

Identify five problems that Weimar faced. (ILRIM)

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Origins of the Nazi Party

Who founded the Nazi Party?

What ideas did Hitler promote in Mein Kampf?

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The Nazi Party Programme

Identify and explain five elements of the Nazi Party programme

Evaluate the appeal of the promises to the Weimar population

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The Munich Putsch

Identify the key events of the Putsch

Evaluate the results of the Putsch and the impact on the rise of the Nazi Party

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Weimar's Survival

Identify the groups that were used by the Weimar government to survive in 1919-23

Explain why Weimar's use of enemies was a precarious situation.

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Foreign Policy 1924-28

Identify the key elements of Stresemann's foreign policy

Explain the impact of Stresemann's agreements on Weimar Germany.

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need to have the answers available but otherwise good prompts

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