WEimar Germany

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    • Why is it called Weimar Germany?
      • Because they met in Weimar for their meetings.
      • They didn't have a king, queen or Kaiser.
      • They now had a chancellor after there Kaiser left.
      • It was a genuine attempt to create a perfect democratic country.
    • Who were the 3 main   chancellors in Weimar Germany?
      • Fredrich Ebert
      • Adolf Hitler
      • Gustav Stressemann
    • Who was Adolf Hitler?
      • He was a German Politician.
      • Leader of the Nazi party.
        • The real name for the Nazi party was the National Socialist German workers' Party
      • Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945.
      • He then later became the Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945
    • What were the main problems of Weimar Germany?
      • Hyperinflation
      • Weimar Constitution
      • Proportional representaton
      • Invasion of the Ruhr
      • Treaty of Versailles
      • Stab in the back (Dolchstoss)
    • What were the terms in the ToV?
      • Blame.
        • Untitled
      • Army
        • Had their army reduced to 100'000 troops
      • Land
        • They lost 13% of their land
        • Lost all of the colonies.
      • Money
        • Had to pay £6.6 billion in reparations


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