Weberianism: explanation for class inequality

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  • Weberianism: explanation of class inequality
    • Social class
      • social classes exist in society and some have significantly better life chances in regards to health, education, income etc, than others
      • a social class is made up of people who share a similar market and work situation
    • Social mobility
      • people are able to move between social classes which prevents rigid classes from forming
      • social mobility is a genuine feature of contemporary life and helps to explain why those at the bottom of the class structure are unlikely to rebel, as improvement is always possible
    • Divisions
      • divisions between those who own property and those who don't is important
        • distinctions between those working in non-manual employment and those in manual work (with non-manual viewed as higher status) are equally important
          • Weber explained this would cause fragmentation
    • Goldthorpe & Heath
      • society could be divided into three main social groups, they key point of division being the different work and market situations each group shared


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