Ethnic Inequality Studies

Revsion cards of studies for ethnic inequality

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Areas of Inequality

Ethnic Classification

Verotec (2007) now far greater variety of groups of individuals living in UK, form more places around the world. He uses the term super diverity to explain this


Modood and Berthound (1997) carries out an analysis of household income by ethnic group, key finding extent of poverty among Pakastani and Bangladeshi households


Wright (1992) found teacher racsim, teachers held labels of students that mean they believed asian students would have a poor grasp of English and left them out of discussions or spoke to them in simple terms.


Marxist believe capitalisism reated racsism, Castles and Koscak (1973) this is because the capitalist class can use ethnic minorities as cheap labour.

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Sociological Explanations


Parsons argued overtime common calue would change, minority ethnic groups would either become assimilated or integrated into emerginf chared value system and play a full role in meritocratic society


Cox (1948) proposed racial differences and racism had been creation of economic system, racsim was created and sustained by capitalism

Neo Marxist

Miles (1980) made important contribution when he argued that minority ethnic groups are part of the same class structure as the majority group however, they are a racialised part of it.


Parkin (1968) terms minority ethnic groups as 'negatively privilged staus groups'

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