Water on the land

this is a mind map to show the main focusing points and the po9ints inbetween for more depth! :)

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  • Water on the land
    • flooding
      • Case studies
        • Bangladesh floods 2004
    • Transportation
      • Solution: soluble materials dissolve in the water and are carried along.
      • Saltation: pebble-sized particles are bounced along the river bed by the force of the water.
      • Suspension: small particles like silt and clay are carried salong by the water
      • Traction: large particles like boulders  are pushed along  the river bed by the force of the  water
    • River landformes
      • Waterfalls
        • Gorges
          • levees
            • Deltas
              • Meanders
                • Oxbow lakes
                  • Flood plains
  • Hydraulic  action : The force of water that breaks rock particles away from the river channel.
    • Erosion
      • Attrition: Eroded rocks picked up by the river smash into each other  and break into smaller fragments. Their edges also get rounded off as they rub together.
    • Abrasion: Eroded rocks picked up by the river scrape and rub against the channel, wearing it away. Most erosion happens by abraision!
      • Solution: river water dissolves some types of rock eg. chalk and limestone


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