Welsh Revision

a small amount of the things i revised for my welsh exam

hope it helps :)

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Welsh ­ second language
Cymraeg ail iaith
Beth ydy dy enw di? What's your name
......... ydw I I'm .......
Jane smith ydy fy enw I may name is ........
Ble (r)wyt ti'n byw? Where do you live
Rydw i'n byw yn ..... I live in....
Faint ydy dy oed di? How old are you
Rydw I'n un deg chwech oed I'm sixteen
The months
Ionawr January
Chwefror February
Mawrth March
Ebrill April
Mai May
Mehefin June
Gorffennaf July
Awst August
Medi September
Hydref October
Tachwedd November
Rhagfyr December
Un 1 Un deg un 11 Dau ddeg un 21
dau 2 Un deg dau 12 Dau ddeg dau 22
tri 3 Un deg tri 13 Dau ddeg tri 23
Pedwar 4 Un deg pedwar 14 Dau ddeg pedwar 24
Pump 5 Un deg pump 15 Dau ddeg pump 25
Chwech 6 Un deg chwech 16 Dau ddeg chwech 26
Saith 7 Un deg saith 17 Dau ddeg saith 27
Wyth 8 Un deg wyth 18 Dau ddeg wyth 28
naw 9 Un deg naw 19 Dau ddeg naw 29
deg 10 Dau ddeg 20 Tri deg 30
Listening Revision
I was given these words by my teacher to revise for the listening part of
my exam. They are for WJEC but may also help for other exam boards
Nwy Gas
Trydon Electric
Dwr Water

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Y Cant %
Yn Codi Going Up (+)
Yn Disgyn Going Down ()
Pris Tai The Cost of Houses
Ffrwythau Fruit
Llysiau Veg
Defaid Sheep
Bywd Food
Dillad Clothes
Cae Close
Agor Open
Ceir Cars
Maps of different Coutries e.g. India, Africa, etc...…read more

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