War time opposition 1939-1945

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  • War time Opposition 1939-1945
    • White Rose group. 42-43 Students at Munich university led by hands and Sophie scholl to encourage mass opposition and awareness hand out posters and leaflet.
      • Not many people were opposing the Nazis due to the act they have not met their aims and did not effect any policies.
        • Can be seen as a threat because they were harshly dealt with
    • Bonhoeffer helps Jews escape Germany through church contacts (14)
      • 1943 was arrested and sent to Buchenwald concentration camp. This may have been because he helped Jews. However ,he may not have been executed as they did want the Jews out of their countries.
        • He may be seen as threat because he met the aim to save Jews which is what he did even if the numbers were very big.
    • Kreisau Circle. Elites that were close to Hitler to stop the holocaust and end WW2 operation Valkyrie bomb plot July 1944 and nearly killed Hitler.
      • It can be argued that this was not a threat because it did not achieve what it set out to accomplish
        • This can be seen as a threat because it was taken vary seriously and led to Hitler using it to kill the elites and 5000 others. It was also very personal attack on Hitler.
    • A youth group that were passively non conformist resisting. They did this by not cutting their hair, social activities and music type ect.
      • They were limited in active resistance
        • A Nazi youth member was murdered. the members were hung them. This is a very brutal way possibly because they're actions threatened Nazi ideology
  • Wasn't a threat
    • Was a threat


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