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Nazi Germany at War 1939 - 1945
As Germany lost territory it lost resources which they could not replace.
Germany relied heavily on allies EG. Bulgaria and Romanian for oil.
At the start of the war production levels in industry were very poor, this was due to Hitler
aiming to keep morale high.
Maintain morale.
Opposition; White Rose, July Bomb Plot.
Work force.
Speer - increased use of floor space at factories, more shifts, moving production lines, cut
number of models EG, tanks, close friend of Hitler's, uses Fuhrer's orders and supported total
Goebbels - city visits, called for the people to hold out and created a negative image of the
invading Russians to maintain morale.
Increased SS power during war time, increased use of laws and execution and Peoples Court.
Sauckel - pioneers use of foreign labour from occupied countries.
German industries exploited resources' found in occupied countries.
Goebbels - visited bombed cities and devised the idea of Total War.
Bormann - head of NSDAP became 2nd most powerful man in Germany due to loyalty of
Gauleiters and access to Hitler.
Speer - increased production as war went on.
Himmler - SS again in full control of the legal system, Waffen SS, economic power by owning
industries ect.
German industry - lost access to vital materials.
German cities - bombing day and night, worst cases were 1943 Hamburg and 1945 Dresden.
Jews - as Germany conquered territories there were more Jews under German control so move
from Ghettos to Einsetzgruppe to Extermination (Wansee 1942).
Hitler - as war turned bad Hitler withdrew from limelight.
Goering - Luftwaffe failed to prevent bombing of cities.
Majority of ordinary Germans.


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