Life in wartime Germany 1939-1945

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Germany 1939-1945

This information can be manipulated to answer most questions' linked to Bullet Point Four of the edexcel course which covers the years 1939-1945.

Evidence of opposition:

  • Communists: Small cells worked to undermine/ take down the Government by working 'under ground' after a majority of the KPD was 'dealt with' by the Gestapo during 1935. By the end of the war, efforts were focused on self-preservation rather than active resistance.
  • The White Rose group (students): Led by brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl, this organisation began posting leaflets all across densely populated areas where students and the educated would see them. Initially weak, the Gestapo soon closed in, with the trial and execution of both following swiftly.
  • Conservative Elites: The group with the most power, the Army and German upper classes wanted to be able to enjoy a level of freedom from Nazi control. All efforts were formulated around the Army with many unsuccessful attempts to assasinte Hitler (although many were close, such as operation Valkryie).
  • Kreisau Circle: The group which included Officers, Aristocrats, academics and churchmen. Principles were politically conservative and abided by Christian values.
  • Stauffenberg plot: Civilians' and military officials plotted to assasinate Hitler using a Bomb. The failed attempt saw 5000 supporters of the resistance killed including Stauffenberg.
  • Edelweiss Pirates: Groups of local youths opposed to the compulsory Hitler youth would coordinate timings of their meets to when the Hitler youth groups would march so they could fight them.
  • Many youths indirectly opposed the regime by listening to Jazz in clubs. This showed opposition as it supported American ways and went against Nazi ideaology.


  • While this can be classed as not strictly supporting, the lack of opposition suggests that the public simply conformed to the regime, and so effectively agreed to it. Acts such as denouncing neighbours and friends to the Gestapo, as well as doing/saying nothing and not standing up for jewish people (possibly friends) show conformity to




This is brilliant, Final Solution stuff is a bit brief though 



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