The impact of public Opinion

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  • The impact of Public Opinion
    • Revolutionary 1792-1802
      • Helped the country to move as a cohesive unit intially
      • people supported the revolution --> troops fighting better revolutionary Elan
      • people more willing to accept change
    • Napoleonic 1803-1815
      • Saw some resistance at the end as as people of France where war weary
      • his wars were not overly popular he did create prints, paintings and pamphlets to try and help support the wars
      • Strong national resistance from Spain in the peninsular war 1808-1814
    • Crimean 1853-1856
      • public supported the war
      • the use of telegraph meant it was the first published war on a large scale
        • it made people aware of shortages and meant government was pressured into sending more supplies
    • American Civil War 1861-1865
      • Had some impact there was some internal opposition in South against Slavery
      • Some people wished to remain out of the war
      • people in south did not wanted be ruled by the north
      • collapse of southern home-front due to Sherman's march to the sea in 1864
    • WW1 1914-1918
      • war was more popular in western than eastern europe
      • rural areas lacked access to propaganda
      • German home front collapsed in 1918 due to shortages
      • Blitz by zeppelins in WW1 to attempt to break morale
      • internal turmoil in Russia led to Russian withdrawal from war
    • WW2 1939-1945
      • Appeal to public opinion effected the character of the war
      • ministry of information set up ww2
        • enemy was demonized as in WW1 but to a greater extent
      • Radio used to support war effort pieces composed for war
      • Japan appealed to there citizens that it was there imperial destiny
      • further mistreatment of civilians - Jewish population
    • Austro-Prussian 1866
      • Bismark did not rally people for a war against Austria
    • Franco-Prussian 1870-1871
      • People enthusiastic for it but as a short war not much propaganda required


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