goffart - barbarians didnt cause the fall of the roman empire

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  • walter goffart
    • there was nothing new about the barbarian threat
      • babrs were the natural allies of the roman emperors
        • the roman government had more things to worry about than the barbs
    • the barbs were not unified or organised - so they were not a threat
    • the barbarian numbers were insignificant
      • there was a good relationship between the romans and barbarians - eg, aeitus enrolled barb troops to fight off the goths
    • usurpers and corruption was the main problem for the empire-  not the barbarians
      • the fall of the western empire was because of INTERNAL problems  - not external problems
    • the romans accomodated the barbs into the empire - it was an imaginative experiment that got out of control
    • the crossing of the danube was 'undramatic' - was more of a peaceful migration onto the roman territory - so it wasn't problematic and not chaotic
    • the barbarians wanted to join the empire, they didn't want to destroy it
      • the barbs were more of a military help than a threat
    • the fall of the western empire was not sudden or catastrophic - it was crumbling over a long period of time
    • civil wars contributed to the fall of the empire (the divide between the east and west) - the civil wars were too expensive for the west to afford


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