Race and Racism Introduction

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Introduction to Race and Racism:

The Modern Invention of Race:

  • Race= definition and meaning has evolved over time.
  • Social connections and categories.
  • Complex term with contradictions.
  • Race moves from an abstraction into a fixed and definable concept in the enlightenment.
  • Enlightenment thinkers= period of colonial expansion= Europe is coming into being a specific group of countries.
  • Emergence ofmid hierarchy- race and hierarchy= natural order.
  • Race is a European construction.
  • Enlightenment- rise of nationalism.
  • Industralisation
  • Snowden argues that skin colour isnt an obstacle to integration into society.
  • Differences are mainly political
  • Civilized vs Barbarian schism
  • Race moves from an obstacle to a fixed and definable concept in the Enlightenment period.
  • Enlightenment thinkers= period of colonial exanpansion.
  • Europe is coming into being a specific group of countries.
  • Emergence of mid hierarchy= race and hierarchy- natural order
  • Race is a Europen construction.
  • Enlightenment= rise of nationalism
  • Industralisation
  • False start and origin- Black Africans were common in selling of Antiqueties, slavery and soldiers. 
  • Racism didn't exist in Ancient Greece because the concept didn't exist.
  • The Greeks praised various African civilizationns including Nobians and Ethiopians so slavery was not racialised at the time.
  • Social Pressure against mesegination not problematic.
  • 19th century- USA- obsession with policy mesegination= keeping race separate.
  • Greeks did understand differences= they viewed it as a product of humanity- different physical features those features that didnt make up the capacity of a person- the Greeks didnt divide because of natural features.
  • Civilized Barbarian Schism- live brudishly and without a democratic form.
  • Greeks are civilized and Barbarians are uncivilized without a government of order.
  • Assembly- civilized citizens congregate.
  • 2nd False start or origin= Medieval Europe and Spain- blood and religious belief
  • Collapse of who constitutes as Christians
  • Spain= first to come on ships.
  • Use to word Ancestory and race.
  • Jews are blamed for killing Christ= Anti-semitic thinking.
  • Jews are involved in attacks- legally and religiously.
  • Religion- idea of convesion- everyone should be apart of or assimilated into Christianity.
  • Rise and hostile ideas= devil and defected blood= central bodies= central tenants in racial thinking years to come.
  • Black plague= jews were tainting wells to kill Christians.
  • Mythological stories= creae binary christians.
  • Systematic attacks on Jewish communities 
  • Reunification of Spain
  • Jews and Muslims in Spain were offered the chance to convet= questioned the fidelety of their conversiona= Are they really Christian?
  • New converts= band from some jobs- priesthood trading, universities= important forms ofexclusion.
  • Conversion is a genuine project- they shouldnt be looked at suspiciously.
  • Paranoia fears- women perpetuating judaism.
  • Sexual behaviour of Christian women= controlled- resurgance of Judaism and Islam.
  • Gender stereotype- acquisition of work.
  • Racial thinking- at the core at different racial groups- the seed- they will have these characteristics- incapable of changing.
  • 17th century= Islamic Empire- non Arab Muslims were seen as inferior to Arab Muslims.
  • Curse of the hand= hejamatic narratives= son of Noah witnesses his drunard father and as a result is punished by God to be a slave of slaves.
  • Race isnt specific- Arab scholars linked blackness with slavery
  • Some read…


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