volcano case studies (volcanic destruction)

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  • volcanoes
    • Alaska
      • line boundary of the pacific ocean
      • NOT A HAZARD
      • test volcanoes
      • perfect for analysis
      • get data
      • because there is a low population and so it does not harm anybody
      • but, when aeroplanes go through an ash cloud, the engines stop working
      • it chokes the engines
      • plane starts to fall
      • 'ring of fire'
      • subductive boundary
      • active volanoes
      • 95% planes take this flight pass - very important for airlines
    • 1935 - Columbia
      • town of Armero
      • HAZARD
      • volcqno violently erupts
    • could have been prevented  but failed to broadcast
    • 22,000 people injured
    • MUDFLOW (they did not know what it was
    • thought it was harmless or on a small scale
    • lack of education
    • JAPAN
      • JUNE 1977
      • built dams to prevent lahars
        • expensive but japan can afford it
        • erupts continuously - tonnes of ash
          • learning from historical documents can help predict when volcanoes erupt or how frequente they are likely to...
      • HAZARD
    • VDAP
    • KRAFT
      • document information about the volcanic destruction possible
      • pyroclastic flow (extreme fast flow of lava)
      • ash clouds? lahars?
      • helps pre planning of an eruption
  • 'ring of fire'
  • MT. usu
  • internatioanl analysis of possible eruptions
    • VDAP
  • usgs
    • US of foreign disaster assisstance


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