Montserrat 1995 Volcano Case Study

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Location: The Soufriere Hills are located on the south of the
island of Montserrat in the Caribbean . It is 12 miles long and 7
miles wide.
Stage of development: HDI rank is estimated at 142
Type of volcano:It is a complex
stratovolcanowith many lava
domes forming its summit.
Type of plate boundary: The volcano is found on the
destructiveboundary between the Caribbean and Atlantic
Dates of Eruption:18th July 1995 (after being dormant for 400
Outline the nature of the volcanic hazard, i.e. the way in which the eruption took place
Pyroclastic Flow at 100 mph with temperatures around 400 degrees Celsius.
Lahar due to heavy rainfall/storms mixing with loose ash on volcano.
Tephra made from 1mm-10cm rocks and hot lava.
It is andesiticin nature and the current pattern of activity includes periods of dome growth, punctuated by brief episodes o
dome collapse which result in pyroclastic flows, ash venting, and explosive eruption. It erupted in July 1995 and there were
additional eruptions in the 1990's. The Pyroclastic flows hit in June 1997 and there were still infrequent ventings of ash in
the early 2000's. The volcano had a Volcanic Explosivity index (VEI) of 3.
What were the impacts?
What were the responses?

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