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  • Volcanoes
    • Types of Volcanoes
      • Dome Volcano
        • Layers of lava
        • Thick lava
        • Steep-sided
        • e.g Mount Pelée, Caribbean
      • Composite Volcano
        • e.g Mount Fuji, Japan
        • Steep-sided
        • Layers of ash and lava
      • Shield Volcano
        • Layers of lav
        • Low and flat
        • Runny lava
        • e.g Mauna Loa, Hawaii
    • Super Volcano
      • 3. The bulge eventually cracks creating vents for lava to escape through
      • 2. The pressure of the magma causes a circular bulge on the surface
      • 4. The lava erupts out of the vents causing earthquakes and sending up plumes of ash and rock
      • 1. Magma rises up through cracks in the crust
      • 5. As the magma basin empties, the bulge is no longer supported so it collapses
      • 6. When the eruption is complete, there is a huge crater (caldera) left.


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