Plate Boundary Types and their Distribution

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  • Plate Boundary Types and their Distribution
    • Divergent
      • Constructive
        • Plates move apart
          • Mid ocean ridges are formed
    • Rift Volcanoes
      • Divergent
      • Generally les explosive and more effusive
        • Basaltic magma- low viscosity
    • Subduction Zone
      • When a dense oceanic plate collides with a less-dense continental plate
        • The oceanic plate is thrust underneath forming a subduction zone
      • Destructive
    • Conservative
      • Plates move apart from each other at different rates
        • Lithosphere is neither created or destroyed
          • Sites of hallow earthquakes sometimes with a high magnitude
    • Hotspot Volcanoes
      • Found in the middle of tectonic plates
      • Fed by underlying mantle plumes
        • Plumes are usually hot compared to the surrounding magma


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