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  • vitamins
    • vitamins are macronutrientbecause they are needed in small quantities
    • Vitamins are natural substances found in food
    • Each vitamin does a different job in the diet
    • Vitamins have a chemical name and a letter or number
      • vitamin C's chemical name is absorbic acid
    • The amount of vitamins needed depend on your age and life stage
    • Vitamins and minerals does not provide energy
    • Vitamins can be fat soluble or water soluble




Thanks for the info



Thank you for the scheme. The info is well formulated in theses. I always thought that we get all necessary vitamins from food. However, when I found an article about vitamins on the Online Pharmacy site and then my doc confirmed that the human body needs to get vitamins additionally, cause food does not contain that necessary quantity of them even if follow a healthy diet. So now I'm taking vitamins regularly.

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