Fat Soluble Vitamins

Here is a summary of the fat soluble vitamins. Don't forget to rate!

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  • Fat Soluble Vitamins
    • Fat soluble vitamins can be stored by the body in the liver.
      • Vitamin K helps to clot blood. It is found in green foods.
      • Vitamin E helps to protect against heart disease. It is found in eggs, nuts, seeds and cereal products.
      • Vitamin D
        • Helps to form strong bones and teeth.
        • Helps to absorb calcium in the body,
        • Deficiency causes rickets.
        • Found in sunlight, margarine, oily fish.
      • Vitamin A
        • Good for night vision- needed for the formation of visual purple.
        • Found in liver, oily fish, milk, eggs.
        • Deficiency causes poor night vision.


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