Views on Alcohol and Illegal drugs

This mind map shows the views of Christians to alcohol and illegal drugs.

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  • Views on Alcohol and Illegal drugs
    • Alcohol
      • Drinking in moderation permissible
        • Jesus changed water into wine at a wedding and he drank wine himself
        • Psalm 104 refers to the joy wine brings to life
        • But Proverbs  warns that it makes people loud
      • Shows disrespect to body only if taken in excess
      • Gives practical support to those with alcohol problems and their families
    • Illegal drugs
      • Opposed because of harm caused to individuals ,families and society
      • Some Christians would agree to the use of cannabis in treatment of certain serious medical conditions
      • Some Christians support legalisation of cannabis-claim it is less dangerous than alcohol
      • Goes against principles of both sanctity and quality of life
      • Drug addicts should be helped rather than denounced
      • Described by Pope John Paul XXII as the new slavery
      • Some are involved in the treatment  and rehabilitation of drug addicts
      • The same as Jesus, who said he had come for those who had needed him


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