Religious Studies short course GCSE

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Drugs and Alcohol

Why do people take drugs:

  • Peer pressure
  • Curiosity
  • Addiction
  • Influenced by the media 
  • Coping mechanism 

Why do people drink alcohol:
To be sociable
Peer pressure
Influenced by advertising
Gives them confidence

Why do people smoke: 

  • Enjoy the taste and sensation
  • Addicted to nicotine
  • Following role models
  • Peer pressure
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Drugs, Classification and Effects


  • Class A
  • Feeling of well being 
  • Very addictive
  • Max 7 years imprisonment or life for suppling 


  • Class B
  • Heightens the senses 
  • linked to schizophrenia
  • Max 5 years imprisonment or 14 years for supplying 

Anabolic steroids (legal if supplied by a doctor)

  • Class C
  • Causes Agression
  • Heart and Liver disease 
  • 14 years imprisonment for illegal supplying
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Key terms

Prescription drugs: drugs given to an individual by a doctor 

Illegal drugs: Against the law to posses 

Social drugs: Legal drugs that are addictive (alcohol and ciggerettes) 

Drug: A substence which when taken affects the body and/or mind

Solvents: Things such as lighter gasses and substances that can be sniffed causing hallusinations which can be fatal. 

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Social Drugs and Taxes

  • This includes alcohol,tobacco and caffeine 
  • They are legal
  • You need a licence to sell alcohol and tobacco these are also age restricted
  • They are taxed heavily by the government
  • Since July 2007 it has been illegal to smoke in enclosed public places
  • Excessive alcohol can lead to Anti Social behaviour
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What Can be Done About Addiction

What can be done about addiction:

  • Addicts should be left to sort themselves out
  • We should support them through rehabilitation
  • More investments so they can get the help they need
  • Heavier prison sentence to deter
  • Educate them

Christian views:

  • Love thy neighbour
  • Your body is a temple where the spirit of god dwells
  • Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler those who is  led astray by them is not wise


  • Metta - loving kindness to all things
  • Karuna - be compassionate
  • Annica - nothing is permanent things will change. 
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