Views on abortion

This mind map shows the views on abortion for Roman Catholic, Methodist and Anglican

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  • Views on Abortion
    • Anglican
      • Great moral evil
        • Concern about the number of abortions taking place
      • Life is sacred and the foetus deserves respect and protection
      • But in certain curcumstances, abortion may be the lesser of two evils
        • to save the mothers  life
        • Cases of extreme distress such as ****
      • Late abortions for disability
        • Only where child would die soon after birth
      • Abortions upto 24 weeks for disability if in the child's best interests
      • Importance for compassion and love for all concerned
      • A matter for personal decision,n accordance with conscience
    • Methodist
      • Similar to Anglicans view
      • Justified in some cases
        • Risk of life/health to mother and existing family
        • Extreme poverty
        • ****
        • Severe disability
    • Roman Catholic
      • A grave sin equivalent to murder leading to excommunication
      • Absolutely defenceless
        • Merits special protection
      • Infinitely precious to God
      • All lives have potential and are of equal value
        • Not for humans to judge on the quality of life for a disabled foetus
      • Wrong to punish child for his/her fathers sin in case of ****
        • Birth of child is good coming out of evil
      • Human being with potential
        • The embryo has full rights from the start
      • The unwanted child can be adopted
        • Brings joy to infertile couples and the chance of life and love for the child
      • Church communities can enable young mothers to cope
  • Human being with potential
    • The embryo has full rights from the start




Nisha this is so helpful...thank you who ever you are! x



Thanks Maddy! No idea who you are either! :D

Miss KHP


Lovely mind map covering issues to do with abortion, so suitable for most exam boards at RE GCSE.

Great that you can also test yourself on here once you have done to check your progress.

Happy revising!

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