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  • Utilitarianism
    • Bentham accepted the concept of economic freedom associated with free market economy.
      • Like Adam Smith he say individualism as the key to economic growth.
      • Bentham thought that the state should not intervene with the economy apart from freeing it from its restrictive regulations.
      • Bentham believed that public and private wealth would expand rapidly when the individual was left to pursue what they perceived as their own best interests.
    • Bentham knew however that the Government would have to intervene on several occasions:
      • The state needed to provided security for citizens.
      • Without protection for individuals and property, individuals would not be able to be free to follow their own interests.
      • Individuals would have to be protected against accidents or epidemics by a good public health and safety regulations.
      • The need for subsistence.
    • state intervention to be subject to principle of utility.
      • Governments would intervene to promote the 'greatest happiness of the greatest number'.


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