Key People to do with the Poor Law

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  • Key People to do with the Poor Law
    • David Ricardo
      • Iron Law of Wages
      • Influenced by Malthus
      • Wanted to abolish the Poor Law
    • Tom Paine
      • Wanted a tax  on the rich
      • This tax would fund a universal benefit for poor- includes state pension
      • Admitted that able paupers would have to enter the workhouse
      • Socialist
    • Jeremy Bentham
      • Utilitarianism
      • It is the greatest happiness of the greatest number
      • Let bread find "true price"
      • Believed in just industry houses-only for the able bodied poor
    • Robert Owens
      • Socialist
      • Factory communities
      • 10 hours of work a day, children in school until 10, sick pay
      • No poor relief needed
      • set up one, and it worked
    • Thomas Malthus
    • 3 Bashaws of Somerset House
      • Nick name for the 3 Poor Law Commissioners
      • Disliked- seen as intervention from London who had little experience with the poor
      • Abolished after 1847 due to Andover, replaced with Poor Law Board
      • Independent from Parliament- greatest strength and weakness
        • Weakness- Parliament did not know what was going on
        • Strength- not influenced by political decisions
    • Sampson Kempthorne
      • Hired by  the PLC to design new workhouses
      • Two designs- Y form, crucifix form
    • Edwin Chadwick
      • Key reformer
      • Came up with the basis of the NPL- utilitarianism
      • Not made a commissioner
        • Very bitter about this
        • After Andover= jumped at the chance to criticize his superiors
      • Jeremy Bentham's secretary  influenced by him greatly
      • Key commissioner of the Commission of Enquriries
      • Wanted to start implementation of the NPL in the North- ignored, this backfired on the Commissioners
    • Andover
      • Henry Parker
        • Blamed for Andover scandal
        • Assisstant Commissioner- one of 9
        • Managed to defend himself- rightly
        • Argued that the PLC made his job impossible
      • Colin M'Dougal
        • Master of Andover
        • Thought to be a model
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