Containment in Asia

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  • US Containment in Asia
    • Japan
      • San Francisco Peace Treaty (1951)
      • GATT
      • Democratisation of government
      • US could veto any military alliances/aid etc.
      • Geostrategic importance
    • China
      • US supported Jieshi/refused to recognise the PRC
        • US still held Taiwan
      • Became Communist (1949)
      • 1950: Sino-Soviet treaty
      • Korea: China lost opportunity to regain Taiwan
      • Jiesji represented China at the UN
    • Defensive Perimeter Strategy
      • Acheson
      • Did not defend Korea
        • Allowed USSR to believe Kim Il Sung could invade the South
      • Communism still spread
      • Japan was still an ally/base
    • NSC-68
      • 'Asian Truman Doctrine'
      • Approved after NK invaded SK
      • Recognised that containment was not the only way to stop communism (implying that containment was failing)
    • Korea
      • Communism did not spread, nor minimise
      • Demilitarised zone was created
      • MacArthur fired
    • SEATO
      • 1954
      • Response to Khrushchev signing a reinforcement of Sino-Soviet aid/links
      • Some non-Asian countries?!
      • Spread over a wide area!
    • Indochina
      • Dien Bien Phu!
      • Geneva Accords
      • Lost French control of entire Vietnam!
      • 50-50 split
        • Cancelled elections due to Communist support in both 'zones'


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