unit C6 chemistry out there part two

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  • unit C6 chemistry out there
    • Hydrogen oxygen fuel cells
      • this fuel cell uses hydrogen as its fuel when oxygen reacts with it produces energy this can be used to produce a potential difference or voltage this causes a current to flow when it is in a circuit
    • soap
      • soap is made when oil or fat is reacted with hot sodium hydroxide solution this is an example of a hydrolysis reaction
      • during the saponification glycerol is also produced because the sodium hydroxide breaks down the fat / oil molecule and causes the bonds between the fatty acid and glycerol to break
    • detergent and what in it
      • active detergent this dose the cleaning
    • rusting and sacrificial protection
      • it weakens the metal you can stop rusting by galvanising oiling/painting alloying or using sacrificial protection
      • this is where instead of the air and water reacting with iron it reacts with the more reactive metal near it such as zink or any metal more reactive


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