Unit 2 the synagogues and worship

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  • unit 2 synagogue and worship
    • different denominations within Judaism that have different understandings as to how the form of worship should take place
    • Traditions
  • Orthodox
    • The torah is min hashamayim
      • Hebrew is used in prayer
        • Men and women sit separately to focus on prayer
          • Mall rabbis and volunteers lead the service.
            • singing has no musical accompaniment
              • Reform
                • Torah is not the word of G-d but inspired by G-d
                  • Mixture of Hebrew and English used in synagogue services.
                    • Progressive Jews
                      • Men and women sit together
  • Mixture of male and female leaders
    • Women can be rabbis.
      • Sometimes there is an organ or other musical accompaniment
        • The western wailing wall/ kotel
          • Holiest site in Judaism
            • Focal point of worship.
              • last remaining wall of the 2nd temple
  • The synagogue
    • Bringing together
      • appeared in Babylon after the destruction of the 1st temple
        • Jews were sent into exile.
          • Community centre
            • House of prayer and study
              • Magen David
                • represents kind David's shield.
                  • Two triangles make up the star represent two things:
                    • Jews cannot be separated from G-D
                      • Top of the star points= to heaven.
                        • Bottom of the start points= to earth
                          • Shows the strive to maintain the balance of:
  • being created on earth
    • Being created in G-ds image.
      • Menorah
        • part of the Mishkan Jews used to worship:
          • during their time in the wilderness
            • during the temple era.
              • seven Branches representing the 7 days of the week.
                • Important internal feature
                  • Aron hakodesh
  • Holy ark= focal point of the prayer hall.
    • Torah is kept inside it.
      • The ark faces Jerusalem= often next to the bimah.
        • Represents the holy of holies in the temple
          • contained the ark of the covenant.
            • Ner tamid
  • everlasting light.
  • Kept burning at all times in front of the ark.
    • A reminder G-d is eternal.
  • Remind Jews of the Menorah from the temple.
  • Bimah
    • at the centre or front of the syagogue
      • Rabbi leads


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