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Why do we need places of worship?

We have places of worship because building a place of worship is in itself an act of devotion.  It is seen as an act of devotion because the people use their money and reasources to build a building to gloryfie god also because they put the efffort in to build it.

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Why don't we need places of worship?

We don't need places of worship because god is omnipresent (everywhere).  So people can worship at home and still be as important to god as those who worship in a church/synagogue.

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What is visible on the outside of a church?

On the outside of a church you can see a spire.  The spire symbolises reaching for god/heaven.  Also there are stained glass windows outside the church.  These show bible stories.

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what is visible on the outside of a synagogue?

The star of David can be seen on the outside of a synagogue.  This is the symbol of judaism it symbolises king David the greatest king of the isrelites.

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Why should a place of worship be recognizable from

A place of worship should be regonizable from the outside so it gives a place to the religion for the worship in the community.  This is good because it helps to make the religion to have an impact on the community.

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What is inside a church?

Inside a church there is a cross/crucifix.  They are in the church because they represent Jesus' ressurection/sacrifice which is crucial to the religion.

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what is inside a synagogue?

on the inside of a synagogue is the ner tamid.  The ner tamid is the eternal light that represents god's presence as eternal and always with you.  

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what can a place of worship be used for apart from

Places of worship can be used for marriages/funerals.  This can help the religion play a more significant role in the community.

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