ICT - Unit 1

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  • Unit 1
    • Data
      • Raw facts or figures, measurements or values without meaning
      • e.g. Tom- 1.10 James- 1.16 Emily- 1.12 Dan-1.20
    • Information
      • Data that has been given context, been given meaning, it has been processed and been organised in some way
      • e.g. These are the times for the competitors in a swimming competition
    • Knowledge
      • e.g. The winner is the competitor with the shortest time, the judgement from this is that Tom is the winner
      • Derived from information by adding a set of rules to it in order to make judgements or decisions
    • Encoded Data
      • When you shorten or abbreviate data for inputting purposes
      • e.g. New York = JFK Manchester = Man / Blue eyes = Bl Green eyes = Gn
    • Value Judgement
      • Each opinion can be different for each person
        • e.g. A person may look tall to person A but only medium to person B
      • Encoding data often requires the person collecting or entering the data to make a value judgement about the answer
    • Coarsening Data
      • Where you lose accuracy or precision of the original data
      • e.g. All different options are put into one category such as; hazel, light brown and dark brown eyes all into one category named brown


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