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  • Ulysses
    • Dramatic Monologue
      • Desire to seek new experiences
    • 'Idle King'
      • Thinks little of himself, unhappy.
    • 'How dull is it to pause'
      • Feels his life is now on pause, this is also emphasised by the ceasura pauses.
    • 'For always roaming with a hungry heart'
      • Reminicing about his past, enjoyed roaming around - despirsate to live in the past, eager.
    • 'Sinking star'
      • Sibilance emphasises how calm and dull his life now is, oxymoron of star shows self pitty.
    • 'The long day wanes; the slow moon climbs'
      • Assonance, he is in the twilight of his life.
    • 'To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield'
      • List of 3 shows he is not giving up, he wants adventure.
    • 'It may be'
      • Anaphora shows being optimistic and inspirational.


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