Ulysses AS revision



Use of blank verse = Iambic Pentameter

Conversational Tone - everyday speech

- regular rhythm interrupted

  • Spondees('I mine') - forcefullness
  • trochees - uncertainty

Dramatic Monologue

Single Speaker

  • Ulysses is the speaker of the poem that bears his name; he's a semi-retired soldier who's also a king
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70 lines longe, 4 paragraph like sections

- each compromise a distinct thematic unit of the poem

  • first 5 lines - rejection of barren life
  • end of first verse - fond recall of heroic past


use of enjambment - pushing forward "beyond the utmost bound of human thought"

Short sentences

  • He works his work, I mine.

creates abrupt/ blunt tone

breaking in poem crearted -caesurae -

  • The long day wanes: the slow moon climbs : the deep/moans

reflective/meditative mood - pace slow - age

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Contrasting, opposites in parallel phrases

  • rust unburnishd/shine in use
  • I have enjoyed greatly, have suffered greatly
  • little remains.... something more


  • hoard and sleep and feed and know not me

completely iambic

  • To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield
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